The African Coastal Management Consultancy (ACMC) is a Cameroun-based local company with international ramification, specialized in advanced research and surveys in marine, coastal and wetland environments. Our mission is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to address coastal and wetland related problems. We offer tools that our clients need to make sound and informed decisions. We use a variety of technology ranging from hydroacoustic underwater to remote aerial sensing, from biological molecular analysis to ecosystem approach. Because addressing environmental issues requires a holistic approach, our team and competences are multidisciplinary, covering various fields of study such as limnology, molecular biology, ecology, acoustic, remote sensing, halieutic engineering, sociology, marine mammalogy, oceanography, and more. We deliver fast and reliable services with cutting-edge technology adapted to the local context and to our clients’ needs.

We present in this document an overview of some of our various services.

Our Services

Underwater mapping and filming

ACMC has the latest technology of underwater imagery (using an unmanned underwater vehicle and monitoring camera), detection and mapping (using acoustic sonars). Our acoustic devices allow to determine bottom composition and percentage and height of submerged vegetation. We deliver high resolution bathymetry maps for the following applications:

In addition to the mapping, we deliver breathtaking and high-resolution images of underwater using our unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV).

The link above is a video of the coral reef we filmed on the northern coast of Cameroon using our UUV

First bathymetric map of Lake Ossa conducted by our team using a side-scan sonar.

Bottom composition or soil type map of lake Ossa, Cameroon

Examples of images of the detection of the African manatee in Lake Ossa using our Humminbird 360-Sonar technology.

Waterbody’s physicochemical characterization and monitoring

The understanding of the chemical and physical properties of a waterbody is paramount for its management to achieve either biodiversity, social, industrial, and economical sustainability. Pollution, water enrichments, hydrologic drought, sea level rise, ocean acidification and erosion are some of the major threats to our oceans and fresh waters and impacts seriously life underwater as well as human on earth. If these threats are now unavoidable, the they can be reduced and mitigated if monitored properly. ACMC provides a variety of tools to characterize and monitor the physical and chemical quality of our waters. Here are some of the applications we provide



Weather monitoring

ACMC provide simple and smart solutions for weather parameters monitoring such as:

Aerial mapping

The advent of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has revolutionized the aerial photography and remote sensing have become more accessible. Unlike satellites and manned aircrafts, UAV can fly at very low altitude, delivering imagery with powerful resolution that allow for various type of measurements remotely with high quality precision. We the real-time kinetic (RTK) system integrated to our UAV, we can achieve centimeter-precision. The vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability of our UAV allow us to operate in any type of environment.

Land and wetland planning

Salvinia distribution mapping using aerial survey by our Firefly Pro drone

Precision agriculture

Aquatic biodiversity inventory

ACMC cumulates more than 20 years of experience in aquatic wildlife monitoring in Africa. We use recent technology and applications such as passive acoustic, mobile apps (SIREN App), underwater and aerial drones, and environmental DNA (eDNA) to detect various aquatic species that are otherwise very cryptic and elusive.

Some of the species or group of animals we survey and monitor include:

Marine mammals

Sea turtles


Various species of fish

outstanding performance

Matrice 300 RTK

Max Flight Time

55 minutes

Max Wind Resistance

15 m/s (12 m/s when taking off or landing)

FPV Camera


outstanding performance

Fire Fly 6 pro

Max Flight Time

58 minutes